Our Mission

Our Mission is to invest in programs and services that enhance the quality of life for residents, promote the economic development and well-being of neighborhoods and support the educational and developmental needs of children and youth, with special emphasis given to programs and services in low-income areas.


People's United Community Foundation awards grants to nonprofit organizations in the communities served by People's United Bank.

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Grant Agreements

Upon approval of a grant, organizations will be required to sign a Grant Agreement, which will indicate the purpose of the grant and use of the funding. Be sure to thoroughly review the terms of the agreement, as it may be a variation from the requested use of funding described in your grant application.

A Grant Agreement email will be sent approximately 2 weeks after receipt of the grant check to both contacts listed on the grant application. All Grant Agreements must be signed electronically. Failure to electronically sign the Agreement may result in penalty of future funding.


If your organization is a previous grant recipient, a Progress Report must be submitted with your new grant request in order to be considered for renewed funding.

Your Progress Report must include measurable outcomes, which demonstrates the impact of your last grant.

To assist you in reporting back on your performance outcomes, People's United Community Foundation utilizes an online reporting system to provide you with the benchmarks that your organization established in the previous year’s grant application.

How to submit a Progress Report:

1. Grant recipients will receive a link via email to access your organization’s progress report template.
2. The email will be sent from premiersupport@foundationsource.com. Both the primary and alternate contacts, who were listed on the previous year’s application, will receive the email.
3. The email will be sent 60 days prior to the deadline when you last submitted an application. (Ex. Applications submitted by February 1st will receive the link on December 1st; June 1st will receive the link April 1st, October 1st will receive the link on August 1st).
4. Save your Progress Report as a PDF and upload it with your new grant application.
5. A Progress Report must be submitted with your new grant request in order to be considered for renewed funding.